Ciao Ciao everyone~

We finally made it! Our grand driving tour through Toscana~~
1,110 km from Roma to Firenze~~

And we spent three very nice ( and luxury) days in Firenze.
Firenze, or Florence in English, is not a great city like Roma,
nor lovely small town like Siena or San Gimignano....
It is very clowd, noisy, smoking, full of motorcycles, just like city in Taiwan.
except it has several beautiful catheadrals and churches, including it's Duomo.

Our next stop is Lucca and Pisa... Lucca is a roman-estabilished town and is famous
with its Piazza del Arena... And Pisa, of course for its Leading Tower!

After that, Mr. Polar Bear will fullfill he's dream... Ferrari Factory in Modena:)

We try to upload some photos in album....Take a look!


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  • oowMonica
  • so cool!!<br />
    i have received something from ROMA la !!!....<br />
    A big suprise !!<br />
    thank you very much !!!!
  • staceyhere
  • 真爽ㄟ<br />
  • tripalone
  • dear polar bear<br />
    I trust you can make Ms.squirrel work harder in English....<br />
    and please bring a Ferrari buggy in case of your future needs.<br />
    <br />
    wahahahahahahaha<br />
    don't bite me.<br />
    and I'm looking forward your back to taiwan.<br />
    what's my present~~~?
  • samuelhou
  • so cool!<br />
    i have received something from Firenze,<br />
    hahaha^^<br />
    i am so excited for the big suprise!<br />
    thank you very much!<br />
    God bless u^^<br />
    <br />
  • hannah727
  • 小蕾姐什麼時候回來阿<br />
    超想念妳低...<br />